Training and consultancy

Over the years, we have received many requests from people who would like to visit us at Venture. We appreciate that there are many who are keen to gain an insight into what a day looks like for the children at our kindergartens, experience how the magic of the Venture ethos works and ask those burning 'How do you...?' questions, related to practicalities, safety, Ofsted and more!

We are pleased to extend an invitation to join us for the day to anyone who is curious about Venture Outdoor Kindergarten. During your visit you will have opportunity to watch our unique kindergarten in action, experience what it is like to work with children as a Venture Practitioner and have your questions answered by Venture founders Zoe and Jenny.

Topics covered during the day will depend upon the interests of the participants, but we expect that you will learn more about how we implement a truly child-led ethos, how we manage the practicalities of a full 6 hours outdoors all year round, how we are creating our new curriculum in line with the new EYFS, the benefits of risk in the early years and how to manage it, how the curriculum, including literacy and maths, can be covered outdoors, and how to move towards Ofsted Outstanding working outdoors.

To book, please complete the form below, or for more information contact us.

Visit Venture Kitley Farm - Thursday 22nd September 2022,

9am - 3.30pm. £120 per participant.

Visit Venture Hope Cove  - Thursday 10th November 2022,

9am - 3.30pm. £120 per participant.

Visit Venture Kitley Farm and Venture Hope Cove -

Thursday 22nd September 2022 and Thursday 10th November 2022,

9am - 3.30pm. £200 per participant.