The Reception year

The child-led ethos at Venture extends to your child's start in school too. In other words, we strongly believe in the importance of delaying the start of formal, school-based education until your child is ready and in finding the school or form of education that is best for each individual child.

Your child is welcome to stay with us at Venture for all or part of their Reception year, during which time they will continue to benefit from autonomous, play-based learning in the outdoors as well as support with the more 'formal' elements of the curriculum from a qualified Primary School Teacher.

This approach can be particularly suitable for summer born children or those who just need a little extra time to mature and become ready for a more structured environment.

Deferred Admission to Reception – this is a statutory right for parents though they must inform the school to prevent the place being withdrawn. Parents can hold off from the child starting in Reception until the start of term after the 5th birthday but only during their chronological Year Group. Eg an October-born child can defer up to the start of the January term. A March-born child can defer up to the start of the January or the start of the Easter term, as can an August-born child. They can start earlier, mid-term but cannot defer beyond the start of the term after the 5th birthday. There is no need to reapply; the school must keep the place for the child.

Delayed Admission to Reception – this is not a right but parents of summer-born children can request that the child holds off starting in Reception until the start of term after the 5th birthday: that is the September after the 5th  birthday. The admissions authority for the school must consider requests on a case by case basis, taking the views of the head teacher into account. If agreed, parent must reapply in the next normal round of admissions, alongside all other applicants.

Parents of summer-born children can hold off admission to the following September but for a Year 1 place, that is, staying in the child’s chronological Year Group. That would be an in-year application from the summer half term of what would have been the child’s Reception year. Often, the school will already have been filled at the normal round or during Reception.

Please note that by law, your child must receive full time education from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday, either by attendance at school or by home educating. Until the term following their fifth birthday there is no legal requirement for your child to receive any form of education or attend any form of setting.



Government funding (EYF) continues until the end of term in which your child turns five, meaning your child is entitled to 15 hours (or 30 hours for those with extended entitlement) of funded education at Venture for this period.