Sunny days

The children have all made so much progress since our last newsletter and so many of them are now really beginning to show a new confidence in what can be a very challenging environment. We can see their independence increasing and lovely new friendships being formed. For the first few weeks of term we enjoyed […] Continue reading

Four weeks into our first term at Venture!

We are four weeks in to our first term of Venture! All of the children have settled so well and are making new friends and we are really enjoying getting to know them all. The group have settled into a rhythm for the day, spending time getting ourselves equipped for an adventure together and deciding […] Continue reading

The Early Years curriculum, outdoors

We would like to share with you a little bit about how things work at Venture Outdoor Kindergarten and how this links with the Early Years Foundation Stage. We are very proud of our techniques and confident in our unique approach after many years of experience both with our own children and at work.   […] Continue reading

Zoe’s childhood memories

My affinity with the outdoors began amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside where I grew up. My parents were keen to instill in their children an appreciation of the simple things in life and so family time was spent on long, rambling walks, bike rides and camping trips. When my parents were busy I, like most […] Continue reading

The opposite to ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’

At Venture Outdoor Kindergarten we support children in building their own unique relationship with nature. They experience the opposite to ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’; Healthy Nature Abundance!

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Outdoor play keeps the doctor away

  Spending time with us at Venture Outdoor Kindergarten is excellent for your child's health and well-being. Find out more:    

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Jenny’s childhood memories

Jenny’s Childhood Memories Jenny grew up in Sussex and spent her early days playing by the stream next to her house, making camps and mud pies with friends and riding her bike to a nearby farm to ride the horses. Camping and caravaning were the family holidays in Dorset and the New Forest where Jenny […] Continue reading

What is Child-Led Play? Or why we take a step back, observe and wait to see what emerges.

Humans, like all mammals are born with the natural urge to play. It is the way in which they learn about their world and about how to live alongside the other humans that inhabit it. Children are play experts. They instinctively know what they need to achieve the next step in their learning and when […] Continue reading