A visit from Ofsted… and some exciting news!

We have had another fantastic term at Venture and I know that our amazing Venture team have also enjoyed every minute of it. We have all appreciated the reward that the more challenging winter weather brings. There is nothing like feeling that you really deserve a hot chocolate by the fire, and your lunch always […] Continue reading

“Don’t you know that everything at Venture is just magic!”

What a truly wonderful first half term at venture for lots of new children and myself too. It is quite incredible to see how quickly both old and new venturers have settled and wonderful to observe more experienced children holding a hand and showing new children the ropes, myself included. Our days at venture are […] Continue reading

Find us in The Green Parent Magazine

It was lovely to be approached again by The Green Parent magazine, this time to be included in their special edition on learning. They asked us how we create such a strong sense of community at Venture. We recommend buying this interesting and inspirational magazine, but you can also take a sneaky peak at our […] Continue reading

Tree climbing for school readiness

The last few weeks at Venture have been particularly dreamy. The days when we decide to climb the hills are definitely some of the most memorable. But there has been something else which has been really incredible to watch, another way in which the children can change their perspective, and this has been tree climbing. […] Continue reading

What on earth are they doing?!

What on earth are they doing?! Is the look we have been given from onlookers many times so far this term. As we battle our way through the wind and the rain or sit having a picnic in a squall. We were even offered shelter in someone’s house on the day of the hail, which […] Continue reading

Birthdays and Broccoli: a formula for happy, balanced children.

The curriculum is only a narrow part of the formula for happy, balanced children. What do we believe is important at Venture Outdoor Kindergarten? Manners, conversation, confidence, resilience, less technology, more time together with loved ones, discussion/debate, exercise and fresh air, being read to, being loved, taking days off for no particular reason, spending birthdays […] Continue reading

Born to be Wild: Venture featured in Manor Magazine

We were so excited to be featured in Manor Magazine! Read the lovely article by Anna Turns here.

Continue reading

A whole year of Venture Hope Cove!

Here we are at the end of our first year in Hope Cove. We are feeling really happy with what we have created and extremely excited about the future. To be honest we entered this term with a little trepidation, wondering how everyone would cope with the weather. How wrong we were though, as we […] Continue reading

Challenge in the Autumn

The first half of the Autumn term has gone by so quickly. The children have been really busy and happy we are so pleased with how well both old and new Venturers have settled. We mustn’t forget that Venture is a challenge and that is a large part of why we are all doing it. […] Continue reading

Summer time news

We have all thoroughly enjoyed the summer term at Venture, it has been incredible to see Hope Cove transform from raging seas and mud to a beautiful, peaceful sunny haven. Now we are all looking forward to the return of mud, wind and the sea crashing over the wall! This is one of the many […] Continue reading