Essential Kit List

Your child’s comfort and safety is of paramount importance to us. We can only allow children to attend Venture Outdoor Kindergarten if they are dressed appropriately for a full day spent outside.
All children will require:

  • Waterproof dungarees and jacket (Please note that all-in-one waterproofs are not recommended as they make toileting very difficult for your child. We recommend Didrikson's Slaskeman waterproofs)
  • Backpack that sits comfortably on your child's shoulders. We recommend Jack Wolfskin's Little Joe backpack. (Please see below for additional information on packing your child's backpack)
  • Warm waterproof shoes, neoprene or fleece lined wellies are ideal with thick warm socks. In the summer croc wellies are nice and light and don't necessarily need to be worn with socks.
  • Long trousers. We recommend base layer leggings of merino wool or wool and polyester blend underneath the waterproof dungarees. In winter a mid layer should be added which has good thermal properties. In summer trousers can be lightweight or replaced with shorts, although the more your child's skin is covered the better, for protection from the sun and ticks. We recommend a rash vest suit or separate rash vest and trousers.
  • Long-sleeved top. This should be worn in summer as well as winter to protect from scratches, bites and the sun as well as for warmth. Please avoid cotton clothing as cotton soaks up sweat which will leave your child cold. A base layer of merino wool or merino wool and polyester mix works well under the waterproof jacket. In colder weather two additional layers should be added so that your child is wearing a base layer top, long sleeved top, good quality fleece and their waterproof jacket. In summer a long-sleeved rash vest could be worn.
  • A winter hat or sunhat. Your child’s winter hat should fit under the hood of their waterproof jacket so one without a bobble is most ideal.
  • Knitted gloves should be worn in cold weather with a waterproof outer glove. It is best if your child has a spare pair of knitted gloves in their backpack in case the original pair get wet.
  • In the summer crocs or wetsuit shoes may be brought along for paddling in the stream and at the beach.

Please be aware that despite all the correct clothing there will be times when your child will get and also come home wet and muddy, however we will ensure that they do not stay wet all day and that they do not get cold.

Packing your backpack

One of our aims at the kindergarten is to foster the children’s independence. In order to help us to do this we ask that you provide them with a backpack in which they can independently carry the items that they need to stay warm and nourished during the day.

The backpack should be the correct size to fit comfortably on your child’s shoulders, with a chest strap to ensure that it doesn’t fall off. Ideally the backpack will have a couple of easy to reach pockets, usually mesh pockets on the sides.

Please could we ask that you pack your child’s backpack, or even better support them to pack their own backpack, in the following way:

  • Bottom of backpack: plastic carrier bag containing lightweight change of clothing (socks, pants, trousers, long-sleeved top, fleece, gloves, nappy if needed)
  • Above that: spare plastic carrier bag for wet / soiled items
  • Top of backpack: lunch box
  • Side pockets: water bottle and morning snack (or within easy reach so that children do not have to take everything out unnecessarily)