Friday Fireside ~ coming in January 2022

Venture Kitley Farm

Friday 21st January, 10am - 12pm. FREE.

At Venture we have a very unique ethos, a way of being, a way of working with and understanding each child and their family.

We would like to share this and our magical space on the beautiful Kitley estate with the wider community.

We feel so lucky to have found this incredible place on the Kitley estate. We have several other wonderful businesses surrounding ours which perhaps you could visit whilst you are here. Including Ben’s Farm Shop, Growers Organics, Pips pick your own and Yealmpton Chairs. We feel that we all compliment one another perfectly and have been made to feel so welcome by everyone, especially our landlord Mr Michael Bastard.

We hope to create a new environment, a unique gathering, where everyone is welcome. A time when we can all connect with one-another face to face, offer care, reassurance and support.

The Friday Fireside is a toddler group, a coffee morning, a discussion group, time to enjoy the outdoors, whatever you want it to be. You can garden, create, share hobbies, share wisdom, hold someone’s baby, let off steam, or simply sit and stare at the fire.

Hot chocolate, coffee and tea will be provided.

Everyone from Salcombe to Saltash aged 0-100 years please come and join us!

Our vision for this group will develop as we go. Please come along to our first session on Friday 21st January, 10am - 12pm, to find out more and share your ideas.

There is no need to book this event, but please feel free to let us know that you are coming along if you would like to!