The Venture Curriculum

New curriculum in progress...

A new statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum was implemented in England from September 2021. At Venture we are embracing the wonderful opportunity that we have been given, following changes in the EYFS, to write our own curriculum. Finally we can now re-shape government requirements to fit with our truly enriching and child led approach to learning and, by publishing our plans in full, help parents to understand the advantages of our outdoor based ethos.  

We are working fervently behind the scenes to create something revolutionary for your children which will stay with them for life.

We are shaping a curriculum which is firmly rooted in nature and the environment and which will change and evolve with the seasons and with what the children see happening around them from day to day and week to week throughout the year.  We are working to anchor the children’s learning to their real and sensory world and to bring meaning to the whole experience for both the children and their parents.

We have always had an organic and child led approach to learning, using the richness of the outdoor environment and the experiences that it brings as a cornerstone of the Venture Experience but we have some exciting new ideas as to how to build the seasons of the year into a fully integrated learning and developmental framework for young minds.

We are constructing a program for the children in which they will develop skills, knowledge and qualities by drawing from how the world around them changes with the seasons and how they and the creatures and plants around them adapt and flourish within their environment.