Learning to find magic in challenging times

Life at the moment is challenging for all of us in one way or another. We feel extremely grateful to escape to this little peaceful corner of the world and to spend the day experiencing life through the eyes of a child, as magical and extraordinary. There have been many special moments this half term but one in particular reminded me of how our children always seem to find the magic in challenging times. As we arrived in Hope Cove to lashing rain and gale force winds, we began the day with a little trepidation, wondering how the children would cope. We needn’t have worried. As we sat by the fire warming our toes and munching our snacks the children eagerly asked where we were headed for the day and after a little discussion about wind direction and tide times we decided that the woods would be our location for the morning. The children threw their bags onto their backs and headed out to find their names on the rope bus, which looked like a waterfall itself as the rain dripped from their name tags. We set off, embracing the wild weather. As the rain poured down, a stream of muddy water flowed down from the woods, providing the opportunity to discuss the steepness of the road and the speed of the flowing water. They listened to the rushing water in the drain and noticed that the water was higher than usual. Due to the beating rain the woodland gate was more slippery than usual but that didn’t stop them clambering over or sliding through the mud underneath. They felt the squidgy mud under their wellies and talked about how it was tricky to walk as it felt like their boots were being sucked into the mud. They jumped in puddles of muddy water and watched the splash of mud on their waterproofs, discovering that the harder they jump, the higher the mud will travel, even as high as their faces! They rolled balls of mud and put them onto the end of sticks as they pretended they were camping with a fire to toast their marshmallows. They practiced forming letters and drew pictures along the fence using mud, a little more interesting than just a pencil. They found bits of broken branches to stand on as ski’s to slide down the muddy hill, quite the balancing challenge! Throughout the day we heard screams of joy and laughter and shouts of “This is absolutely crazy good” and “It’s my greatest day ever!”

We understand that as parents you may question the positives of leaving your child in the woods with howling winds and a temperature of two degrees. We understand that playing outdoors in Winter gives our children the opportunity to learn that they can manage life when it gets challenging. We tell them that they can achieve anything and continuously build their self-esteem. They discover that they have the ability to persist and make the most of what life throws at them. We know that grit and resilience are two essential capacities that our children need for long term wellness. Most importantly we look forward to the reward of hot chocolate at the end of the day whilst reflecting on how much we have learnt and how proud we are of their achievements. 

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