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As we near the end of our first term back at Venture, as well as welcoming many new children we have also welcomed wonderful new people to our team. Here are some of their thoughts on Venture.

Cathryn has revelled in her first term at Venture and has been particularly blown away watching the learning experiences that happen when children are given the time and space to explore their minds and bodies at their own pace. Having come from a primary school classroom where things are jammed packed and fast paced, Cathryn is really cherishing the slower pace where the child led approach is prioritised. It makes her heart sing to watch quirky role play unfold or deeper level thinking skills come into action through unprompted learning experiences. The children have been an absolute joy to get to know and she is excited for what is to come as friendships evolve, the gang feel more confident to venture slightly further afield and the children develop their nature connection skills.

Jess’ favourite thing from this last half term has been watching the children’s independence, confidence and resilience continue to grow week on week. She has seen each and every child achieve something new and more challenging. Whether it’s jumping from increasingly higher rocks, climbing another branch higher in the tree, independently negotiating who will use a piece of equipment first, or managing to pack their lunch away without support. They have all taken huge steps forward and it has been so magical and special to have witnessed these lovely little moments.

Vienna has really enjoyed the walks that we do at Venture. During these walks, we spot and discuss the things that we pass. This can be anything from the workmen digging up the road, to a brave robin who has landed nearby. The pace varies, as does the tone, as we amble or sprint, whisper or sing along the paths. Conversations can be so thoughtful as children observe their surroundings and use this as a stimulus to tell us about their thoughts, their homes, their friends etc. It’s a really special time.

This term Gabrielle has really loved getting to know all the children and seeing their amazing personalities shine through. We’ve had some gorgeous winter weather and she’s loved going to the beach and has been wowed by the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge of their surroundings. As the children’s confidence grows so too does their imagination and role play together, building new friendships through games of tag, collecting treasures or digging holes together. How lucky we are to have Hope Cove as our classroom.

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