A whole year of Venture Hope Cove!

Here we are at the end of our first year in Hope Cove. We are feeling really happy with what we have created and extremely excited about the future. To be honest we entered this term with a little trepidation, wondering how everyone would cope with the weather. How wrong we were though, as we have seen such determination and resilience from all of the children and as always they have relished the new opportunities winter brings. The above photograph was taken last week and I think was one of my favourite moments at Venture. It was a day of roaming and the children wandered along until they found a grassy hill. They threw off their backpacks and began to climb up and roll or run back down again. The air was filled with laughter and they played all morning until they were exhausted and collapsed in a heap, using their backpacks to lie on for a rest. As they lay here they talked about “Bear Island” and whether it was called this because it was shaped like a bear or had bears living on it! There also pondered questions such as “How big is the sea?” and “What happens when you just keep going?”. This led on to them talking about space and planets and then asteroids and dinosaurs. How many children have the opportunity to gaze at a view as spectacular as this and ponder and question these things? One of the most magical aspects in the last few weeks has been watching the group come together to work and play as a team. They have space and time to talk and listen to one another and without constant directions, opinion and coercing from an adult.

The results of this are that relationships are developing for the sake of each other rather than for our benefit. They no longer always look to us for reassurance or to settle a dispute but they work it out themselves and together. We have seen an incredible amount of kindness among the children. They really care for one another, they will stop and find out what is wrong if someone is upset. They help each other up the slope or to cross a stream. They point out to us if they feel one of their friends has moved too far from the group. If someone doesn’t turn up in the morning they want to know where they are and if they are poorly. This affection is often obvious to us by the nicknames they begin to use, such as Dougie, Hets or Aubes!


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